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About London Sunshine

Helping Households Worldwide BuildSustainable Kitchens

The Most Utilized Space with the Biggest Impact

The kitchen is the most utilized space in ahome, making it where we can make the biggest impact on our lifestyle.

Commercial-grade kitchens have made huge steps forward in sustainability with the latest technology and trends. London Sunshine saw these changes and wanted them to be available for every household.

Our online store is how we’re delivering that vision—one household at a time.

The London Sunshine Mission: Bring It Home

The trends we’ve seen in commercial kitchens inspire us. To bring the same concepts and practices to everyday homes, sustainable options in the kitchenmust be affordable.This is whywe partner directly with manufacturers of eco-friendly products and kitchenware. From induction cooktops to beeswax film sheets or greener charcoal, our prices and products are made to inspire, empower, and bring sustainability within reach.

Our Partnerships

London Sunshine has cultivated strong ties with manufacturers who prioritizeenergy efficiency and durability. These products consume fewer resources and last longer, doubling theimpact on a family’s sustainability footprint.

We also help households redefine their relationship with food. Sustainable living starts with sustainable ingredients, which is made more practical (and more delicious)with the appliances, products, recipes, and tips we offer.


Grills Kamado ceramic grills provide strong insulation that maximizes heat retention, making them the most efficient grills on the market.

Lanon Heat-Resistant Gloves Lanon heat-resistant silicone gloves are made with food-grade material, are CE-certified and BPA free. Protect yourself from more than just the heat.

Dehydrators Dehydrating your food in a commercial-grade dehydrator saves you money, reduces food waste, and speeds up your cooking time.

Induction Cookers Induction cooktops reduce energy consumption by 70%.A total of 90% of the energy produced channels directly to the pan or pot you’re heating.

Ice Makers Ice makers are a “surprise” source of sustainability. Compared with in-door refrigerator ice systems, these stand-alone designs cut energy use by 40%.

Air Fryer Ovens Air frying is more efficient than other frying method and far healthier. Cut calories by 70-80% and reduce impact of oil frying on your indoor air quality.

Sustainable Ingredients

Sustainable ingredients support greater health at home, and also reduce your carbon footprint in the production and transportation of materials. They’re also better for biodiversity and local ecosystems.

London Sunshine believes that kitchen products make uphalf of sustainability, and the other half is supported by the ingredients we cook with. Come on this journey with us and you’ll discover key ingredients, recipes, and tips that will make your menu healthier and more sustainable.

More Fish, Less Meat

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Home-Grown Herbs

Beans, Peas and Lentils

Leafy Greens

Better technology and more sustainable choices help you retain more of the nutrition in your food. Every kitchenware selection in your kitchen comes full circle to make your sustainability efforts more impactful—for you, your family, and your world.