Dried Dragon Fruit
Dried Dragon Fruit

Dried Dragon Fruit

Red heart pitaya fruit contains a large amount of anthocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant and a purely natural anti aging nutrient for the human body.
During the season when fresh fruits are on the market in large quantities, dried fruits can be made for storage. In the future, they can be used as small snacks after tea or as raw materials for fruit tea, cold drinks or hot drinks, which are very good nutritional supplements.
Serves:3-8 People"
Cook Time:7-10 Hour
Food ingredients:Dragon Fruit
Dried Dragon Fruit
Dried Dragon Fruit

Use equipment

London Sunshine Food Dehydrator - 6 Tray


Step One

Cut into uniform thickness of 3mm using cutting tools.

Step Two

Arrange the cut fruit on the grill.

Step Three

Temperature of 149 degrees for 7-10 hours

Step Four

Dried pitaya is now ready for consumption!

Step Five

Put it into a fresh-keeping bag