Air Fryer Baked Milk
Air Fryer Baked Milk

Air Fryer Baked Milk

Have you tried the air fryer version of baked milk? It was so delicious that I cried! ! ! The method is simple, once you learn it, try it out~
Serves:6 People"
Cook Time:15 Min
Seasoning:corn starch,cheese slices,sugar
Food ingredients:yolk,milk
Air Fryer Baked Milk
Air Fryer Baked Milk

Use equipment

London Sunshine Air Fryer - 5.8 Quart


Step One

Egg yolks and sugar in a pot

Step Two

Pour in pure milk

Step Three

add cheese slices

Step Four

Heat over low heat and stir until thickened

Step Five

Pour into a bowl, smooth out, and refrigerate to solidify

Step Six

Take out and cut into 6 pieces

Step Seven

Place in the air fryer, brush the surface with egg wash

Step Eight

Timing 15 minutes

Step Nine

It's out of the pan, the milk is rich and delicious