Tomato Cheese Crisps
Tomato Cheese Crisps

Tomato Cheese Crisps

Slowly dry the water in the tomato at low temperature to maximize the flavor of the tomato, and then add cheese powder to make it crunchy every bite!
Serves:1 People"
Cook Time:3-5 Hour
Seasoning:Parmesan Cheese Powder,fresh parsley,Salt,Black pepper,olive oil,Mixed Herbs
Food ingredients:Tomato
Tomato Cheese Crisps
Tomato Cheese Crisps

Use equipment

London Sunshine Food Dehydrator - 6 Tray


Step One

Take a tomato and cut it into thin slices. I use pink tomato from Sam’s Kitchen~

Step Two

Put a piece of non-stick baking paper on the baking tray, cut tomato slices and put them on the baking paper

Step Three

Brush a layer of olive oil on the surface of the tomatoes, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese powder, chopped parsley, grind a little salt and black pepper, and sprinkle a little mixed herbs.

Step Four

Oven at 90 degrees Celsius, turn on the hot air if there is hot air, and dry slowly for about 3-5 hours according to the number of tomatoes until the edges become wrinkled and brittle.