Apple Pie
Apple Pie

Apple Pie

It looks a bit difficult but it doesn't have much technical content to operate! Just follow the recipe step by step and you will definitely succeed!
Serves:6 People"
Cook Time:2Hour
Seasoning:butter,low-gluten flour,Sugar powder,Whole egg liquid,water,lemon juice,sugar,starch,salt,Cinnamon powder,
Food ingredients:apple,
Apple Pie
Apple Pie

Use equipment

London Sunshine Air Fryer - 5.8 Quart


Step One

A slightly softened small piece of butter 55g, flour 150g, and sugar powder 15g are combined in a large bowl, without sieving.

Step Two

Rub them together with your hands, and if there is a large chunk of butter, crush it.

Step Three

After about two to three minutes, knead into a small sand shape, add 20 grams of water and 35 grams of egg liquid, and form a dough. If you feel too dry during the dough mixing process, you can add 5g of eggs or water. The dough is relatively hard, so don't add too much liquid

Step Four

Don't rub the dough for a long time. The surface doesn't need to be particularly smooth. It's almost as smooth as the image above. This way, the pastry dough is ready.

Step Five

Wrap a plastic wrap and refrigerate for more than 30 minutes before use. (If the dough is stored for too long and the color turns gray, it cannot be used!)

Step Six

Make apple filling while waiting for the dough. Remove the skin and core from two apples (300g) and cut them into 1cm square or smaller cubes. Here, fruit can be replaced with other hard fruits such as pineapples/pears, and the sugar content at the back should also be adjusted according to the sweetness of the fruit.

Step Seven

Afraid of oxidation, the apple can be soaked in water with lemon juice.

Step Eight

Melt 10 grams of butter in a pan over low heat throughout

Step Nine

Melt the butter into a liquid and form small bubbles. Pour in the diced apples, stir fry a few times, and add 25 grams of sugar

Step Ten

Stir fry until the sugar is completely melted, and the apple becomes soft and juicy. (You can cover the pot and simmer for a while, making the juice more quickly.)

Step Eleven

Mix 10 grams of starch with 20 grams of water/20 grams of milk, pour into a pot, pour onto the apples, and wrap evenly around the diced apples to turn off the heat.

Step Twelve

Add 1 gram of salt and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder, stir using the remaining heat of the pot and mix well. If you don't like the taste of cinnamon or don't have it, you can skip it.

Step Thirteen

The apple filling is ready, let it cool and set aside. Spread it flat and let it cool quickly.

Step Fourteen

Remove the frozen dough and let it cool for 10-20 minutes

Step Fifteen

Divide into 2 equal parts, taking one part as the bottom. I like the cake with a thicker bottom, which can be divided into 2/3

Step Sixteen

Roll the dough flat to a circle larger than the pie plate. The larger portion should be enough to fill the height of the pie plate, and place it in the pie plate

Step Seventeen

Trim the pie skin and remove any excess edges. Pierce the bottom with a fork and bake in an air frying pan at 160 degrees for 10 minutes

Step Eighteen

After baking, add the apple filling and spread it flat

Step Nineteen

Using another dough for surface weaving, roll it into a larger circle, and then cut it into 1-2 cm long strips with uniform width. I cut it to 1 cm (the width is determined by myself. If you want to weave densely, cut it a bit narrower. If you want to weave loosely, cut it a bit wider. At most, 2 cm is enough. Don't cut it too wide.)

Step Twenty

Take the longest one and place it in the middle

Step Twenty One

Then... one by one [staggered] vertical bar, with some space left in the middle, calculate the quantity, half horizontally and half vertically

Step Twenty Two

Turn up the vertical bar [pressed under the horizontal bar]

Step Twenty Three

Put another one horizontally

Step Twenty Four

Put down the inverted vertical bars and make a row. Just continue to operate in this manner later, turning up the vertical bar pressed underneath, placing one horizontally, and then lowering the vertical bar

Step Twenty Five

After all of this is done, cut off the excess parts from the edges, or use the excess surface to surround it in a way that you like.

Step Twenty Six

Brush with egg liquid or yolk liquid, and you can directly use the egg liquid left over when making noodles. Place in a preheated air fryer and bake at 160 degrees for 15 minutes, then turn to 140 degrees for 15 minutes.

Step Twenty Seven

The freshly baked apple pie is very fragrant